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take charge of负责

show off炫耀

as far as就...来说;远及

keep in mind that记住

count on指望

on the right track走上了正确轨道,想得对

by far迄今为止

be used to doing习惯于做某事

play a part in, play a role in在某方面起作用

blend in with和...融合,融入...

a big deal重要的事情

deal with处理

as opposed to与...相反

set up建立,创立

on average平均

die out灭绝

the other way around相反地

go through经历;经受

break down分解;发生故障

speed up加速

wash away冲走

make ones way前进,开辟道路

vise versa反之亦然

put aside储存,保留,搁置

prior to早于

draw away from吸引...远离...

show up出现

take advantage of利用

subscribe to订阅

call attention to唤起注意

drive away驱赶, 驱散

in theory理论上

in that case在那种情况下

get something right正确理解某事;使恢复正常


make up for弥补

remind of提醒,使想起

keep from防止

serve ones needs满足某人需求

look at the big picture看大局



lose his cool失去冷静

cool off 冷静,天气变冷

play it cool 冷静

不介意:not at all, not a bit/little, not in the slightest, not in the least

-不愿让人做某事:make sb uncomfortable to do sth

-对人宽容go easy on sb. Be lenient with. Be kind to

-挤时间做某事:get around to do sth, take time out/off from doing sth, spare time to do sth, afford time to do sth, squeeze/steal time to do

-健忘slip one s mind/memory. Have a shot memory, not good with.. be terrible with.. forgetful, absent-minded, scatter-brain, go in one ear and out the other. Wops.

-快,马上:in no time, by and by, on short notice, right now/away/off, in a moment/minute/second

-去哪里,朝哪里去head to/for sw, make for, leave for, set out for, be off to, be away to

-生气:be put out with sb, be burned up at sb, get one s back up, hit/raise the roof/ceiling, be enraged, get on one s nerve, rub sb the wrong way, annoy/irritate sb.

-顺便看望:drop/stop/come by/over/in

-太忙heavy/busy/tight schedule

-太热super/burning/blazing/unbearable/scorcher hot

-听某人的建议:go by/follow/listen to one s suggestion

-一点也不奇怪:no wonder. Little surprise.

-有时,偶而:occasionally, sometimes, every so often, every now and them, every once in a while, at times, from time to time, on and off. 来源

-在某方面擅长:know the stuff/ropes/tricks/one s beans

-逐步地:gradually, step by step, bit by bit, little by little, inch by inch , piece by piece, line by line, word by word.

-bottom line 说话的核心,well, the bottom line is that

-check out①检查,询问②借书③出院④退房

-come in handy 派上用场,会有用的

-for the life of sb无论如何

-get over: ①完成作业②病全愈③忘掉(不愉快)

-go through ①用完②检查③经历过④办手续

-我认为I suspect, 我确认I bet, 我估计I expect, 我不认为I doubt, 我原以为I thought, 我原以为I was hoping, 我曾经是I used to be, 我本应该I was supposed to

-on one s way 马上出发; on the way已经在路

-pick up ①取东西②接人③买东西

-put up ①挂起②住宿

-up to :胜任:it s up to sb to do sth, sb is up to doing sth②熬夜sit/be up to do sth③达到up to sth


考点1、conversation:段落开头提到的原因必考(30S)---problem/question, 结尾的建议必考(尾巴题)。

考点2、段落开头提到的本次主题必考TODAY, 段落结尾的点评和总结必考proof 的点评。

考点3、段落中重复两次的地方必考---通常为本节课的要点,师生各重复一次的地方必考,注意在笔记中划双线,重复两次的名词必考,一般重复的名词是AB 项的替换词。


This is the first time

One thing important is

The most important thing

You should remember/notice/bear in mind/keep in mind---converSATion 引出建议的句型

考点5、针对上下文明显的肯定或者否定的回答必考definitely, abusolutely,exactly, its a good question, excellent question, 注意听好PROF 在这些回答之后的解释,一定会对重要内容作同义的重复。

考点6、段中主论点下有定义加举例的必考(配对表格题)----dolphin in the forest, 罗列多个事实处必考,是非型表格题,说明多个程序,步骤的必考(排序型表格题中间的步骤一定注意:then, so, ok, well, replace, the next stage


注意引导词it refers to, that is, that means, which means, This is to say, in other words, in another words, by that he meant, let me make it clear, let me make it simpler, lets put it this way, let

考点8、段中引用的观点必考,---对应都是对分论点的看法,think/argue/believe, 一定有小黑板,或者人物肖像。

考点9、形容词和副词最高级后面的点重要,the most important, biggest, 因为是形容重要特点。

考点10、一定注意PROF 跑题的内容,话题的转移,布置作业,一回再谈,我打算先谈些什么,谈一下个人的经历-----语义理解。

考点11、proof 对学生的警告或指令必考重听conversation 表建议,lecture中表强调重点。


考点13、一定注意PROF 的点评作为尾巴题出现what does the prof think of



take a rain check 改天吧

lost count 弄不清楚

be in another world 精神恍惚;魂不守舍

make yourself at home 随意,随便

save your breath 省口气吧;别白费口舌了

make sense 有意义,理解

cost sb. an arm and a leg 非常昂贵

burn a hole in ones pocket 很快地被花光

ones shoes 很好地顶替;令人满意地替代

is ice cold 表示理所当然

like apples and oranges 用来表示无法相比的事物

look for a needle in a hay stack 大海捞针

lose ones train of 忘记

meet each other half way 相互妥协,让步

on the dot 准时;正点

once and for all 最后一次;干脆

out of ear shot 不在听力所及范围

out of this world 非常好

play by ear 随机应变,视情形而定

ring a bell 令人想起某件事;听起来耳熟

share a common outlook 有共同的观点

six of one and half-a-dozen of the other 半斤八两;没什么区别

stick around 在附近逗留或等待

stick with 继续做,坚持

straighten out 扯平;结清

toss and turn (身体)翻来覆去(通常表示难以入睡)

turn ones back(在别人遇到困难时)不愿帮助

under the weather 身体不适,生病

bite o仟more than one can chew 贪多嚼不烂;心有余而力不足;不自量力;力不从心

break new ground 创新

do the trick 做成功;达到理想的结果

drag ones feet 行动缓慢;磨磨蹭蹭不情愿

draw the line 拒绝,拒不容忍

feel down in the dumps 心情不好;情绪低落

few and far between 不多;少而分散的;不常碰到或发现的;稀少

fit as a fiddle 身体很健康

gran and bear 任劳任怨;毫无怨言地忍受

hit the spot (特指吃了食物,喝了饮料之后)精神完全恢复过来或感到满足;恢复精力;提精神

keep between the two of us 不让第三者知道,保密

know a thing or two about 略知一二

break ones back 辛勤工作

be all ears 洗耳恭听

be all eyes 目不转睛

a wet blanket 讨人嫌的人

two thumbs up 举双手赞成

a breath of fresh air 使人耳目一新的人

Achilles heel 致命弱点:个性的瑕疵

chip in= contribute money 捐献,集资

pull ones leg= tease someone 开某人玩笑

go for a song = be sold very cheaply 贱卖

a big shot= an important person 大腕儿,大亨

sell like hot cakes = sell very well or very quickly 畅销

get butterflies in ones stomach = get nervous 紧张不安

twenty-four seven = 24 hours a day, 7 days a week = all the time 永远,一直

backroom boys 幕后英雄

beyond compare 绝佳的,最棒的

break even 不赔不赚

by the book 熙章办事

as clear as a bell 非常清楚

clear the air 消除误会

come to terms 达成协议

cut corners 走捷径

face the music 面对现实

castles in the sky/air 空中楼阁

cast a cloud over 泼冷水,是蒙上阴影

shed crocodile tears 假装哭泣,假慈悲

below the mark= not measure up 个够水平,不合格

bucket down= rain very heavily 瓢泼大雨

fair and square 正大光明的

a knockout 引人注目

a rainy day 不如意的日子

as mod as sb. 与某人一样时髦

at ones fingers tips 了如指掌

at sixes and sevens 混乱的

backseat driver 指手划脚的人

bite ones head off 大发脾气

black sheep 不孝子女

get the ball rolling 使蓬勃发展

first things first 先说重要的

a man of few words 沉默寡言的人

all thumbs 笨手笨脚的:一窍不通的

ants in ones pants (skirt) 坐立不安

forgive and forget 尽释前嫌:握手言和

blow ones top 怒发冲冠

break the ice 打破僵局:打破沉默

bring down the house 掌声雷动

buy your story 相信你的话

call it a day 今天到此为止

cold fish 冷酷无情的人

capital idea 好主意

daylight robbery 价钱贵到离谱

dark horse 黑马:冷门

dirty dog 卑鄙小人

dear Jones letter 绝交信

break ones neck 痛打一顿:拼命做某事

every Tom。Dick and Harry 张三李四

burn a hole in ones pocket 花钱如流水

flat tire 没精打采

From A to Z 从头到尾

go on the horse 快一点吧

God knows 天晓得

gone with the wind 随风而逝

great minds think alike! 英雄所见略同。

happy go lucky 乐天派

have a big mouth 话多的人

have it both ways 权衡两方面

have time off 休假

have words with sb. 口角

hit of the show 表演中最精彩的一幕

hit the high spots 达到高水准

hit the sack 睡觉

good for nothing 毫无用处的

hold ones tongue 保持沉默

I.O.U=I owe you 我欠你:借据

in hot water 遇到麻烦

in the hole 遇到经济困难

in the long run 从长远来看:终究

in the soap 遇到麻烦

keep ones head 镇定

keep ones shirt on 不动手打架

keep punching 继续努力

kick off 开始干某事

knock it off 别再讲下去了

let the cat out of the bag 泄漏秘密

let nature take its course 顺其自然

Knock on wood. 说话禁忌:赶紧讨个吉利

kill two birds with one stone -石二鸟

lousy cliches 陈词滥调

make a hit 出风头

off color 身体不爽

master key 万能钥匙:关键

neck and neck 不分上下

no sweat 没问题:不用冒汗

odds and ends 零碎的工作

make my mouth water 使我垂涎

on pins and needles 如坐针毡

need others shoulder 希望得到某人的安慰

No money, no honey. 没有钱,哪有爱情

once in a blue moon 机会难得:绝无仅有

packed like sardines 拥挤得像沙丁鱼罐头一样

like a cat on hot bricks 热锅上的蚂蚁

like a turtle on its back 对事情束手无策

past master 技艺精湛的人

pipe course 容易的课程或工作

pull a long face 拉长脸不悦

rain or shine 不论晴雨

side money 外一陕

second sight 超人的预见力

put sb. in the ring 和某人赛一场

row in one boat 从事相同事业:相同命运

royal road 容易取得成功的捷径

run of the town 轰动一时的人

salt of the earth/world 社会中坚

shoe is on the other foot 今日不同往昔

pain in the neck 极讨厌的人或物

plain sailing 一帆风顺:轻而易举之事

pot calling the kettle black 五十步笑百步

sixth sense 第六感

talk big 讲大话

sugar report 情书

slowly but surely 稳扎稳打

spill the beans 露马脚

step on ones toes 触怒某人

Sunday dress 最好的衣服

take French leave 不辞而别

speak the same language 志同道合

stand on ones own feet 独立自主

take a back seat 处于默默无闻的地位

take ones hat off to 表示尊敬佩服

take things as they come 既来之则安之

Take it or leave it.别讨价还价,接不接受随你便

stay out O.P.B/other peoples business 不要管别人的闲事

talk of the town 非常流行的东西

talk through ones nose 骄傲自大

tall story 难以置信的故事

be the spirit 真有道理

throw cold water on 泼冷水

cardts.com Tom。Dick and Harry 一般的人:普通的人

turn the tables 扭转局势

under the sun 世界上任何地方

visit John 上厕所

walking dictionary 知识渊博的人

welcome to the party 现在你总算懂了

Whats the catch? 你这是什么意思?

When in Rome do as the Romans do 入乡随俗

white lie 善意的谎言

with open arms 热烈欢迎

without fail 一定

yes-man 唯唯诺诺的人

be all wet 完全错了

get no say 无权说话

got me there 难住我了

leave sb. in the cold. 太令某人扫兴

Thats your story! 那是你编的

stick with sb. 紧跟着某人

put oneself together! 加把劲

Its a no-no! 万万不可

Suit me fine! 太适合我了

Time will tell! 时间会证明一切

same old story 又是那一套

Boys will be boys! 本性难移

Easy come easy go! 来的容易去也快

under ones breath 轻声细语

follow suit 鹦鹉学舌:学样子

gain ground 有进展

Break a leg 大获全胜

turn a deaf ear 不加理睬

tit and tat 以牙还牙

thats that 就此而已

stay the course 坚持到底

turn the clock back 时光倒转

second to none 最佳的

second thoughts 重新考虑

sa外教一对一英语价格贵不贵,roogge.com一年大概需要多少钱?fe and sound 安然无恙

root and branch 完全地:连根拔除

read between the lines 明白其言外之意

over and down with 到此为止:结束

under ones thumb 在某人支配之下

shoulder to shoulder 齐心协力地

set ones jaw 咬紧牙关:坚持到底

see the world 见过世面:见多识广

six of one and half a dozen of the other 半斤八两


1、a change of pace 节奏变换

You cant do these chemistryexperiments all day long. You certainly need a change of pace。

2、a far cry from 相距甚远

The published book is far cry from the early manuscript。

3、and how 的确

A: Shes a good dancer。

B: and how。

4、a matter of time 时间问题

It is only a matter of time。

5、a phone call away 一个电话之远、愿意过来帮忙

If you need my help, do let me know. Just remember I am a phone call away。

6、a while back 不久以前

7、all along 一直

I knew it all along。

8、anything but 绝对不

I was anything but happy about going。

9、account for 解释

How do you account for it?

10、after all 到底,终究

A: Ive just seen the X-rays and your teeth look just fine。

B: I see. Then there is nothing to worry about after all。

11、allergic to 对过敏

Oh man! Something in this room is making my eyes itch. I must be allergicto something。

12、at sbs service 愿为某人服务

I am at your service at any time。

13、around the clock 24小时不停

Martha studied around the clock for management exam。

14、as far as I know 就我所知

15、at home with 对.很熟悉

She is at home with problems like this。

16、back out

1) 退出

A: Wasnt Bert supposed to sing tonight?

B: Yes、 but he backed out at last minute


She finally backed out of her promise。

17、be cut out for 天生适合

Im not cut out to be a hero。

18、be absorbed in全神贯注在

She has been absorbed in a horror fiction. I cant tear her away。

19、be addicted to 对上瘾

She has been addicted to drugs for years。

20、be attached to 对有感情

A: Im amazed that you are still driving that old car of yours. I thought you would have gotten ridof it years ago。

B: It runs well and Ive actually been quite attached to it。

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